Theodore Doucas

Theodore is an intellectual property lawyer and former Assistant Commissioner of Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand. With a background in owning and running businesses, Theodore has also managed his own successful intellectual property practise and is a consultant for the intellectual property consultancy Zone Corporation (Zone IP and Trade Mark Zone).

His particular area of expertise is Trade Marks prosecution and disputes and he is a member of IPSANZ and INTA.

An entrepreneur and business owner in his own right, Theodore is passionate about leading a law firm that is motivated to achieve successful outcomes for clients that are good for business – rather than law for law’s sake.

“It doesn’t always have to be about courts and legal action – there are other ways to reach resolutions and find solutions. Getting bogged down in the law and legalities is not good for business, so our primary goal is to help clients be successful.

All of us are in business doing something we love, but occasionally roadblocks arise that can take the joy and passion out of business. Our aim is to get our clients back doing what they love to do as quickly and simply as possible.”